• Certified Organic Piglets

    We have 15 beautiful, robust 10-week old feeder piglets for sale.  These piglets come from large litters of Tamworth X Berkshire and have been fed exclusively certified organic feed, vegetables, and alfalfa.  Our pigs are Certified Organic and Animal Welfare Approved.  $170 each with quantity discounts available.

  • HAY

    June cut certified organic hay, consists of mixed grasses (timothy, brome, orchard, rye, clover).  Small square bales.  $3.00 per bale.  LaFargeville, NY 13656  315-658-2374

  • Certified Organic Silver Appleyard Ducks for Sale

    Certified Organic Silver Appleyard Ducks.Aggressive foragers, very hardy.Good layers, beautiful , excellent meat birds. $50ea. 3/$125 315-440-7035 Available butchered/frozen @$10/lb.

  • British White Park Breeding Bull

     Very well tempered, excellent calving ease. Hanging weight for my grass fed 18 mo. old BWP steers is 650 - 700 lbs. with fantastic marbling for those interested in cross breeding . Would consider trade for BWP replacement bull. 3000$ email  Ipswich MA

  • Certified Organic Piglets

    We have 20+ Certified Organic, Animal Welfare Approved, Tamworth X Berkshire piglets available at the end of November.  Parent stock are both purebred, high quality animals and gilts from these litters would be excellent for crossbreeding (they are from litters of 12 and 13).  Piglets were free-farrowed, group raised, and trained to electric netting.  $170 Each picked up at Kingbird Farm, Berkshire, NY.