• Registered American Milking Devon Cows

    Registered American Milking Devon Cows for sale. Central NY. 100% grass fed, organically raised. Harrier Fields Velvet Rex line. Heifers ready to breed. Improve your land with rotational grazing. Easily controlled with electric fencing. One cow will produce enough compost to grow vegetables for a family and supply you with dairy products. More info on this beautiful, rare breed at 607-693-3378 or for more info/photos

  • Equipment for Sale at Roxbury Farm

    Powell Bare Root Planter, Bedlifter, 100 gallon Fuel tank on wheels, Row Markers, Leek Planter, Cow Squeeze Chute, and Pneumatic Post Pounder.  Contact Mike at or 518-758-8558

  • Ulster County Housing/Land Sought

    Ulster County landscape architect/farmer looking for small home for rent/purchase with parcel of land to farm in Western Ulster or Sullivan County. Can caretake larger property, help with farm part-time, care for animals, grow veggies/fruit/flowers, design gardens or native landscapes. I'm happily employed but have extra time to develop my new biz or care for existing plantings or grow your veggies. Ready to move soon. I come with 2 great old dogs and 2 wonderful kitties, all of whom have a job to do on the farm.  Please contact Eva at THANKS very much!!