Potpourri Workshops

Developing a Sustainable Energy Plan for Your Farm   
Saturday 8:00 AM
With confusing acronyms (PV, KWH) and big price tags, wind and solar systems can be more
daunting than pasturing pigs or growing cucumbers. Join Violet Stone, Cornell Small Farms
Program, Dani Baker and David Belding, Cross Island Farms, and Jay and Polly Armour, Four Winds Farm, for a discussion of simple low-cost energy saving techniques, considerations for wind and solar projects, and financial incentives available in NYS.

Beekeeping Arrangements: Cooperating with Other Landowners
Saturday 1:00 PM
Bees play an important role in our farms and gardens, but not everyone has an interest in keeping a hive themselves. Niechelle Wade and Joel Babcock, Sunny Hill Farm, will discuss the marketing of honey and beeswax products, as well as how they cooperate with many landowners in keeping 100 hives that offer benefits to everyone involved.

Weatherproofing Our Farms
Saturday 2:30 PM
Although it is impossible to completely insulate ourselves against extreme weather and difficult conditions, there are key strategies we can adopt that protect our farms and decrease our risk when unexpected weather conditions occur.  Mary-Howell and Klaas Martens of Lakeview Organic Grain, LLC will share some of useful ideas and discuss ways to diversify cropping plans and markets, to mitigate damage, and to hopefully reduce loss.

The Hazards of Agricultural Pesticides: What you should know about their dangers 
Saturday 4:15 PM
You won’t find a lot of people at the NOFA-NY Winter Conference who condone the use of chemical pesticides, but how much do most of us actually know about their particular risks? Join us Audrey Thier for a discussion of some common agricultural insecticides, fungicides and herbicides and what science and experience tell us about their possible health effects and unintended consequences on the web of life. 

Certification Issues: What to Do If…
Sunday 8:00 AM
What should you do if you suspect that a prohibited substance has drifted from a neighbor’s field onto yours? Can floods affect your certification status? When should you worry and when should you relax? Bring your questions and concerns with you to a discussion with Jillian Zeigler and Heather Orr, NOFA-NY Certified Organic LLC. 

Creating and Leading an Energized OrganiCzation
Sunday 9:30 AM
Are you a farm manager, team leader, or head of an organization who needs to create an environment where employees willingly give discretionary effort, resulting in a positively charged, committed group of people? Similar to energized soil, totally energized people can produce a wonderful harvest of results! Jack Mastrianni, NOFA Interstate Council, will discuss how to make this dream a reality.