Restoring Landrace Wheat with Dr. Thomas Payne, Director of the CIMMYT Wheat Genebank, & Gary Nabhan

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June 22, 2012
MOFGA, 294 Crosby Brook Road Unity, Maine 04988
11:00 AM-7:00 PM

Restoring Landrace Wheat with Dr. Thomas Payne, Director of the CIMMYT Wheat Genebank, & Gary Nabhan.

Friday, June 22, 11 AM - 7 PM - Potluck Meals
MOFGA.ORG, Unity, Maine

Join us to restore the biodiversity of heritage wheat for community seed systems. Modern wheat, bred in agrochemical-soaked fields for uniformity and high gluten, has replaced the rich biodiversity of landraces world-wide.  As we face unprecedented weather extremes, burgeoning gluten allergies and patented wheats that farmers cannot save, the almost-lost biodiversity of ancient and heritage wheats offers important resource for organic farmers and gardeners. However our landrace wheats are threatened, many on the verge of extinction.

A treasure trove of delicious, resilient landrace wheats, that may yield higher in organic fields than modern wheat, are stored in the world‘s gene banks, but the process of screening and restoring landraces requires unprecedented vision, ingenuity and cooperation of genebanks, researchers, farmers, bakers and people that love to eat grains.

This seminar will establish working groups to restore landrace wheat biodiversity, and share  practical skills for evolutionary conservation, trialing and seed-saving of landrace wheats. Participants will receive elite landrace population from the Heritage Grain Conservancy, the outcome of three years of on-farm organic breeding funded by SARE. Landrace list:

10:30 Registration
11:00  Will Bonsall -  Small-Scale Grain Growing Basics - Pre-Seminar Intro
12:00  Brown Bag Lunch  
12:30  Glenn Roberts - Why Restore Landrace Wheat <>
12:45  Dr. Tom Payne -  On-Farm Conservation of Wheat Biodiversity  <>
2:00    Gary Nabhan -  Restoring Landrace Wheat 
3:00    Round-Table -  Strategies for In-Situ Conservation and On-Farm Trials of Landrace Wheat
4:00    Ellen Mallory, NE Bread Project <>
4:20    Mark Fulford - Building Living Soil <>  
4:40    Eli Rogosa - Evolving Landraces in Organic Systems  <>
5:00    Team Goals, Roles and Responsibilities
5:30    Potluck Dinner  - Bring your Home-Baked Breads to share!  


Co-sponsored by MOFGA, and the Heritage Grain Conservancy