Farmer's Pledge

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To help consumers identify the farms they want to support with their food dollars, NOFA-NY established the Farmer’s Pledge. The Farmers Pledge seeks to describe sustainable practices in a document that growers can attest is an accurate description of how they farm.  It serves as a bridge between consumers and farmers who value healthy food, strong local economies, fair working conditions and wages, the humane treatment of animals, and care of the land. 

Currently, more than 100 farmers within New York State have made a commitment to these principles by signing The Farmer’s Pledge. To find Farmer's Pledge farms in your region visit our directory here.


The Benefits in Taking the Farmer's Pledge:

  • NEW! This year NOFA-NY is excited to announce the launch of our online searchable directory!
  • You will be listed in our Organic and Local Food and Farm Guide, New York States most comprehensive listing of organic and sustainable farms and distributed to more than 15,000 consumers.
  • You will be provided with a a digital logo and a package in the mail including a laminated 8.5 x 11 black and white Farmer's Pledge official certificate, a color version or the logo with your farm name for you to make copies and distribute at your discretion, and 10 complimentary Farmer's Pledge marketing stickers.
  • And as often as possible, we will promote the Farmer's Pledge label and Farmer's Pledge farms in our New York Organic News magazine and our month-long Locavore Challenge.

How to Take the Farmer's Pledge:

The Farmer's Pledge 2015 application process is open! To fill out an application please click here. If you would like a hard copy application, please contact Sondra at (585) 271-1979 x.510 or
Farmer's Pledge is available to our member farms. To determine your membership status please contact CeCe Bowerman at or (585) 271-1979 x. 512.  To join NOFA-NY as a member, please click here.
Please note that The Farmer’s PledgeTMis NOT a substitute for organic certification, which is a service whereby a third party scrutinizes a detailed farm plan, inspects the farm, and then has the paper records of the farm reviewed by qualified peers for compliance with the regulations set forth in the USDA National Organic Program (NOP).