Handler Certification

Organic Handler Certification includes large and small scale processors, repackagers, restaurants and more.

Handler Certification Requirements

  • Certification is an annual process. Update paperwork must be submitted and inspections must be conducted every year.
  • In Handling Certification, areas addressed include all sources of raw materials, storage of materials and the actual process used to produce a finished product.
  • In operations producing both certified and non-certified product, complete and total separation of raw materials, processing and storage are required.
  • All Handling operations must develop an Organic Handling Plan for their facility. This written document must detail the complete process from receipt of raw material through production and packaging of the finished product. This includes but not limited to:
              Process for ordering of raw materials
              Process used at receiving of organic product
              Production process
              Cleaning process
              Finished product storage
              Pest control practices
              Identification of organic control points
  • Complete audit trail documentation must be maintained.
  • Facility diagrams are required, including a schematic diagram of the facility, product flow chart and location of pest control measures if used.