Local, Organic Farming

We promote a sustainable, local, organic food and farm system.

Why choose organic?

Healthy soils. Healthy water.  Healthy ecosystems. Healthy animals. Healthy people. 

There are many reasons to choose organic.  Organic farms rely on natural systems—such as crop rotation and beneficial insects—that create healthy soils and ecosystems and avoid toxic runoff from entering our water supply.

Organic farms do not use toxic synthetic chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, nor do they use artificial hormones or antibiotics.  Rather, farm animals are allowed regular access to the outdoors and are fed 100% organic feed.  The result is a food and farm system that is healthier for people, animals, and the environment.

Why choose local organic?

Much of our food travels long distances and is less beneficial for our health, community, and environment than food produced locally.  Food starts to lose nutritional value and flavor after picking.  The more it travels and the longer it spends between field and plate, the less nutritious and tasty it becomes. 

Purchasing organic food and farm products from regionally-based farms strengthens the local economy and preserves open spaces by allowing farms to continue to be financially viable so that farmland can remain within our communities. 

The act of transporting food and farm products over long distances requires lots of packaging and contributes to global warming.  If we make a commitment to buying organic food and farm products produced locally, we are improving our diet, strengthening our communities, and safeguarding our planet.

Why support a sustainable food and farm system?

A sustainable food and farm system is one that promotes the stewardship of land and the lives that inhabit it.  This stewardship encompasses the long term viability of our natural resource base, the health of consumers, the working conditions of farmers, the needs of communities, and the welfare of farm animals.  When you support a sustainable food and farm system, you are supporting a system that is socially just, humane, community-minded, ecologically sound, and healthy for people.