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We are New York’s leading non‐profit organization providing programs and services to promote sustainable, local organic food and farming. Our coalition of farmers, gardeners, consumers and businesses join together to create a food system that’s ecologically sound and economically viable. Through education, certification, advocacy and other efforts, we promote organic food production, local marketing, and land stewardship.



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Bill MacKentley – Hardy Fruit and Nut Tree Farmer

Liz Henderson interviewed Bill for this newsletter.

In introducing Bill as the 2019 NOFA Person of the Year, Steve Gilman called him “a Giant from the North Country, a veritable Druid in our midst, far from invisible but dwelling on the Far Out side of the spectrum.…This person’s knowledge of the intricacies of organic hands-on growing -- coupled with unstoppable energy, brilliant intellectual pursuit and deep experiential know-how leads him (and us) in many directions. And he’s a gracious and infectious sharer of that knowledge. As a longtime NOFA summer and winter conference presenter, attendees know his workshops are not to be missed.”



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