Overview and Mission

Our Mission

Sunrays Through The Sungolds

NOFA-NY is an organization of farmers, gardeners, and consumers working together to create a sustainable regional food system that's ecologically sound and economically viable. Through demonstration and education, we promote land stewardship, organic food production, and local marketing. We bring consumer and farmer together to make high quality food available to all people.

Our Vision

A just and resilient farming system grounded in a diverse community now and for future generations.

Core Values and Competencies

Core Values

Our Core Values are the fundamental beliefs of NOFA-NY. These guiding principles dictate behavior and can help people understand the difference between right and wrong. They also help us determine if we are on the right path and fulfilling our goals.

Healthy Planet: We believe “We Are of the Earth.” We support sustainable, organic growing practices, healthy food, soil health, environmental and human health.

Resilience: We support resilient communities and economic systems.

Empowerment & Knowledge: Education (including farmer to farmer) has the power to transform and evolve our food/farm system. NOFA-NY gives farmers & consumers the power to combine traditional practices and values with innovations to continually improve and to effect change.

Inclusion: We honor the varied identities and locations of those who are part of our community. All are welcome.

Fairness to Farmers, Workers, Eaters and All Other Creatures: NOFA-NY supports and promotes equity through a fair food system. We believe all should have access to good food, livable wages and fair pricing.

Core Competencies

Our Core Competencies encompass our main strengths or strategic advantages, including the combination of pooled knowledge and technical resources that allow us to be relevant and meaningful in the organic food and farm community.

Provide Training & Education: NOFA-NY provides training and education troughout the year about Sustainable Ag/Agro-ecology. NOFA-NY engages and educates the sustainable agriculture community statewide.

Convene People: A group of likeminded people, concerned with the environment and organic agriculture. We welcome all, regardless of scale of enterprise or politics. We bring together local farmers, consumers, gardeners, and businesses to build local food, farm and economic systems.

Farmers are in Leadership Roles: Within NOFA-NY Board, staff, and membership. We communicate well with farmers to unify and amplify their voices for public discussion. We facilitate peer to peer networking and bring a sense of community to farmers.

Credibility: NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC, provides the public with an organic guarantee that has integrity. We provide high-integrity certification and support consumers’ rights to know what is in their food.

Policy Development: We empower organic farmers, food processors, gardeners, and consumers to create policies that support organic food and farming. By articulating the needs of the organic sustainable agriculture community, we ensure that all people have an opportunity to lead within the organic movement.

Our History

Since 1983, NOFA-NY has been serving the organic and sustainable food and farming community. A year later, we became the first organic certifier in New York State. With the arrival of National Organic Standards in 2002, NOFA-NY established separate certification and education functions and offices, while maintaining a cohesive strategy to support the organic farming community. Today, we are New York State’s leading organization providing effective programs and services that promote sustainable, local, organic food and farming. NOFA-NY is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by our membership. NOFA-NY is one of seven northeastern state organizations that work together under the umbrella of the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA)—the oldest grassroots organic farming organization in the country!