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3 Questions in 3 Minutes

Share your message with organic milk consumers at NODPA’s Farmers’ Storytelling Booth

By late winter, when cabin fever is beginning to set in, the best thing I can do is head to a farmer meeting or organic dairy conference. It’s a terrific opportunity to network, learn from, and build relationships with other farmers. If there’s only one take-away I have from all the conversations I’ve been having this winter, it’s this: We need to tell our own story.5a2211422ea30 fullsizeoutput 31ae small

Frustration and anxiety abounds, it seems, under the burden of record-low organic milk prices, a spineless NOP, and fake organic mega-farms flooding the market with cheap commodities (and yes- I do mean actually fake), not to mention plant-based beverages marketed like real milk.


During a price lull, it’s common to hear the same platitudes from the banks, extension agents, and government institutions: ‘Tighten your belts! Get more efficient!’, and yet, every time we hear this, it seems we lose more and more small farms. This time, it’s organic farmers who are on the chopping block.

There is something we can do to help this dire situation. The power of storytelling is incredible. Dairy farmers: Tell your story! Tell the story of the super food that is organic milk. Tell that story to consumers, and tell them how our sustainable, organic farming practices keep the land, air, animals and the community healthy. Stories help us live in another person’s shoes and cultivate better understanding. They build relationships (real or imagined) with someone else. We can list all day the many ways in which organic milk is better but facts only convey information. And cold hard data doesn’t make people run out and buy organic milk but knowing how organic dairy farming families are improving their communities just might.

Join the Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance (NODPA) at the NOFA-NY Dairy and Field Crop Conference this March 6th at our Farmer’s Storytelling Booth. We’re going to be collecting stories on video and audio to share with the public via ours and NOFA-NY’s Facebook pages. We’d love it if you’d come and talk to us about why you are an organic dairy farmer and what you think makes your product special.

Stories only have to be 3-5 minutes long. We’ll be there to help if you get stuck. Don’t be shy. Help us tell the story of organic dairy!

Liz Pickard, Twin Oaks Dairy, Truxton, NY
Organic Dairy Farmer and NODPA Social Media Committee member


Thank you to our friends at NODPA for this guest post. We hope to see you at our upcoming Organic Dairy & Field Crop Conference!

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