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Raised on a pasture-based dairy farm, Bethany earned an Associate’s Degree in Agricultural Business from SUNY Morrisville and a Bachelor’s Degree in Dairy Science from Cornell University. Bethany was first introduced to organic agriculture while managing the CSA at Grindstone Farm. Since joining NOFA-NY in 2006, she has worked in a variety of positions and now serves our the Education Director.

NOFA-NY Stories: Dairy Month

June Dairy Month Image Midwest DairyAs I sit here next to my husband in the early morning light, listening to him snore from the exhaustive work of dairy farming I ponder the thought: June is Dairy Month. What does that mean to our community, our family and our consumers?

June was designated National Dairy Month in 1939. Since that time is has been used as a way to promote dairy products. It is an opportunity for the dairy industry to showcase our products to consumers and share our stories with the intention of increasing sales during the summer flush. How do we do that? 

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The Story of Our Conference Food: The Tradition Continues

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Amazing food is the underlying pillar of NOFA-NY’s annual conferences. The theme for the 2017 Annual Winter Conference, January 20-22, 2017, is Long Live the Farmer: Diversity & Biodiversity. We are excited to expand this year’s programming to include the Northeast Organic Seed Conference, "Owning our Seed," along with many other new items! Within this ever-changing and evolving conference, new research is shared, farming techniques emerge, friendships begin, collaborations foster, and families grow.

One thing that has remained constant for all of these years is the reason we all come together: to support the cause for delicious, wholesome food grown to support the environment and bring it to consumers. The unique and amazing part of NOFA-NY’s Winter Conference that truly sets us apart is that the food provided for all of the meals, breaks and social gatherings is sourced organically and locally and donated by our farmers and business supporters. Each conference meal is a tribute to the diversity and bounty of New York State’s organic agriculture.

WC food

The generosity with which people are willing to donate is unbelievable; they wholeheartedly want to share the products they know are the healthiest available with their colleagues. They care deeply that the food they grow and produce can be enjoyed while at the same time, participating in an event to strengthen the organic community.

I first came to NOFA-NY as a volunteer to assist in procuring the food for the winter conference when it was still held in Syracuse and boasted an attendance of over 300 farmers. It was honestly the best way to be introduced to New York State’s greater organic community.

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