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Farmers Support Drivers’ Licenses for Undocumented People

By Liz Henderson, Member of NOFA-NY Board of Directors

NOFA-NY supports the passage of Assembly Bill A10273. This bill would create a limited-purpose state driver’s license accessible to residents regardless of their immigration status. The driver’s license would be marked “Not for Federal Purposes” (disallowing, for example, use in boarding a plane).

At the 2018 Annual Meeting, members of NOFA-NY voted overwhelmingly in favor of supporting legislation to allow undocumented residents of NYS to qualify for drivers’ licenses.
RESOLUTION: The members of NOFA-NY resolve that we support Green Light NY: Driving Together! to ensure equal access to driver’s licenses for all residents of New York State, regardless of immigration status, and urge New York lawmakers to give a green light to driver's licenses for immigrants in our state.


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3 Questions in 3 Minutes

Share your message with organic milk consumers at NODPA’s Farmers’ Storytelling Booth

By late winter, when cabin fever is beginning to set in, the best thing I can do is head to a farmer meeting or organic dairy conference. It’s a terrific opportunity to network, learn from, and build relationships with other farmers. If there’s only one take-away I have from all the conversations I’ve been having this winter, it’s this: We need to tell our own story.5a2211422ea30 fullsizeoutput 31ae small

Frustration and anxiety abounds, it seems, under the burden of record-low organic milk prices, a spineless NOP, and fake organic mega-farms flooding the market with cheap commodities (and yes- I do mean actually fake), not to mention plant-based beverages marketed like real milk.

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Universal comprehensive health coverage "improved Medicare for all" in New York State

CampaignforNYHealth RGB web

New York Farmers! Have you ever struggled to afford healthcare for yourself, your family, or your employees?

You are not alone. Over a million New Yorkers lack healthcare coverage, and even those with insurance struggle to access care because of unpredictable and high out-of-pocket costs.

The New York Health Act (A4738/S4840) is a bill that is in the New York State legislature right now that would guarantee coverage to all New Yorkers by establishing a universal public health care system for New York State.

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2018 Winter Conference Special Events

2018 Winter Conference Special Events

Now that registration is open for the Winter Conference, we wanted to share a couple of the exciting special events that will be coming your way!

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Cover Crops: Pro Tips for Best Results

Cover Crops: Pro Tips for Best Results
Thank you to Vail Dixon & our friends at Simple Soil Solutions for this awesome post! Make sure to see Vail present some great information at our upcoming Winter Conference! Make sure to check out the special offer below.

Your soil does NOT want to be bare through the winter! If there are spaces between your plants, think of them as holes in your sweater and rain jacket! Any system is only as good as its weakest link, so anywhere that the cold air, rain drops and wind can get to your soil without a carbon blanket (a cover of dead or living plant material) are areas where your system will shut down and cause you problems next year.

In my experience, the better-quality cover you grow, the better-quality feed for soil microbes, and also the better-quality cash crop you will have next season. And yet, all too often, despite best intentions, I see cover crops struggle and fail to provide the benefits they could, because they were not cared for like a cash crop.


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