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Decreasing Erosion Through Innovative No-till Organic Farming at Lakeview Organic Grain with Jan-Hendrik Cropp

Decreasing Erosion Through Innovative No-till Organic Farming at Lakeview Organic Grain with Jan-Hendrik Cropp


Jan-Hendrik Cropp is an innovative German organic vegetable farmer working on organic no-till and minimal tillage systems. He is also a consultant on soil fertility, and a freelance journalist. He studied organic agricultural science, and has conducted extensive on-farm research, applying his research on a 12-acre organic vegetable farm in Germany.   


On Monday Sept 11, Jan-Hendrik Cropp will give a field day presentation at Klaas and Mary-Howell Martens’ farm -- Lakeview Organic Grain -- in Penn Yan, NY.  NOFA-NY is happy to be involved in this field day. A morning session on using crimped cover crops for "no-till organic" will be held from 10 am-noon in a field where the Martens rolled rye in May, planting soybeans directly into it.


Lunch, sponsored by Lakeview Organic Grain, will be held from 12-1 pm in the Martens farm shop. From 1-3, there will be discussion of research and research needs in organic no-till, mulching, planting technology and equipment etc with representatives from Cornell University, Stone Barns Educational Center and the Rodale Institute.  

Various pieces of high-tech weed control and tillage equipment will be on display, with Peter Martens discussing European-style equipment selection, use and trouble-shooting, including various camera and GPS guidance cultivator systems.    

A light dinner, also sponsored by Lakeview Organic Grain, will be available at 5 PM before Jan-Hendrik gives a twilight presentation on organic no-till/mulch till from 6-8 PM, more specifically geared to small and mid-size vegetable presentation.   

Here are links to pictures of Jan’s vegetable work: 

Please RSVP if you intend to attend either lunch or dinner. A $20.00/person donation is recommended to off-set Jan-Hendrik’s expenses. Please call Lakeview Organic Grain to RSVP at 315-531-1038.

This is a valuable opportunity to see both cutting-edge equipment and learn of innovative research!

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