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Meet the 2018 Josh Levine Scholarship winners

Meet the 2018 Josh Levine Scholarship winners

We are so pleased to announce this year’s Josh Levine Scholarship winners: Mayda Pozantides and Anders Gunnersen.

Read about their urban farm and what they hope to experience at this weekend's Winter Conference. 


"Our farm, Groundwork Market Garden, is a two-acre  urban farm in the city of Buffalo. We are entering into our third season as farm and land owners, and it feels like a pivotal year in which we hope to enter into a new phase in our business. With two seasons under our belts, we've got a sense for what works and what doesn't, what's making us money and what isn't, and we're really trying to hone our craft and focus our energies so that our third season can be our most successful (and profitable) yet. We both work jobs off the farm, so we're hoping that this year the farm will be able to pay one of us full time, and that we move from that beginner frenzy into a more measured forward motion.

We think that attending the conference will give us that extra kick in the right direction. Apart from actually attending workshops, which will obviously impart us with tons of important information, just being around and conversing with more seasoned farmers and getting insight from experts in the field will help us come back to Buffalo with more motivation and knowledge necessary to making our goals become reality.

Thanks again to everyone at NOFA-NY for awarding us these scholarships. We will definitely put them to good use!"

Follow them on Facebook to see their progress. And if you're not registered yet for the conference, walk-ins are welcome!

You can find out more about who Josh Levine was and how he lived from last year’s eloquent blog by Scott Chaskey, farmer, poet, educator, and director of the Peconic Land Trust’s Quail Hill Farm.

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