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Our 2016 Neighborhood Farm Share program

NOFA-NY's Sondra Gjersoe reports on the 2016 Neighborhood Farm Share:


As we celebrate the beginning of summer, the sun is shining and the CSA shares have begun to make their way to homes across our beautiful state. This year I am happy to announce that NOFA-NY was honored to help bring fresh organic fruits and vegetables to 30 families in the Rochester and Buffalo region through our Neighborhood Farm Share program.

NOFA-NY developed the Neighborhood Farm Share program as a way to increase access to healthy, fresh and local produce for low-income urban and rural communities in Western New York by providing a subsidy for qualifying families to participate in a local CSA. These communities are rich in food culture and tradition but often bereft in healthy food access due to transportation issues, lack of grocery stores and income.


Similarly New York State has seen an amazing growth in CSAs over the past five years, nearly six times since the inception of the Neighborhood Farm Share program. With more farms using CSA as a business model, farmers are looking to expand marketing channels. Additionally, CSAs in New York have a history of social justice involvement; many were founded on the principle that everyone should have access to healthy food and the ability to be financially secure.

Farming helps to keep the big picture in mind. The cooperation between human, animal, plants, soil and water is essential for the system to function and for the cycles and patterns to flourish. The health of the whole community depends on the health of relationships inherent in the system. The Neighborhood Farm Share program serves as a bridge connecting farmers and families to strengthen these relationships and in turn strengthen the community.

“You have no idea what it means to have this help," said a recent NFS recipient. “It is wonderful that you and NOFA-NY do so much to help so many people get what we could not have gotten otherwise. I want you to know how deeply appreciated you all are!”

Click here to learn more about the Neighborhood Farm Share program.

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