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Taking advantage of the Residential Agricultural Discount Program

Thanks to NOFA-NY's Fruit & Vegetable Coordinator Andy Fellenz from Fellenz Family Farm in Phelps, for writing this blog:

With funding from ReCharge NY, the Residential Agricultural Discount Program is a New York Power Authority (NYPA) program which provides discounted electricity to farms supplied by Niagara Mohawk/National Grid, NYSEG and RG&E billed under a residential electric service account. 


You can go here for more program details: 


And here for applications:

Farms which meet the eligibility requirements--having a residential electric service account and filing a schedule F--will receive a discount on their monthly electric bill. Farms need to reapply for the program each year and must submit their application by July 1 to be eligible. Discounts will start with the September bill. The application is straightforward and easy to complete. Thirty minutes of work in completing and submitting the application can result in more than $1,000 in savings on the farm’s annual electric expense. 

On my farm, a small produce farm and NYSEG customer, with 3 walk-in coolers in the packshed, electric heat mats for starting plants in the greenhouse, a 75gpm well pump for irrigation, inflation blowers and fans in 3 greenhouses and 3 high tunnels and some winter use of electric resistance heaters in the packshed, storage crop storage areas and the farm shop my electric use averages a bit more than 4,500kwh/month. I am saving close to $2,000/year through participation in the program. The amount of discount varies year to year depending upon the funding received from the NYPA and the number of participants, but should always be large enough to justify the time required to apply.

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