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100% Grass Fed Certification

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NOFA-NY certified operations approved for 100% Grass Fed certification may use the NOFA-NY Certified 100% Grass Fed logo.

Contact NOFA-NY for artwork and also to purchase freezer quality stickers and banners.

We offer an additional certification of 100% Grass Fed outside of the NOP Organic Program. This program is open to all ruminant livestock operations that are currently certified organic by NOFA-NY.  

Grass Fed certification is an annual process. Updated paperwork and the $100.00 certification fee must be submitted each year with the Organic Certification Application. Annual reviews and inspections will be conducted jointly with the Organic Certification process.

100% Grass Fed Certification Manual

Grass Fed Organic System Plan

Grass Fed Supplement Verification Form

Please contact us via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our certification office at 607-724-9851 with any questions on this certification program.

Transition Monitoring

Let NOFA-NY be your partner in navigating through the transitioning periods to becoming certified organic. Our transition monitoring program will give you the peace of mind that your practices are being verified as compliant with the organic standards.

Transition Requirements


Any field or farm parcel from which harvested crops are intended to be sold, labeled, or represented as “organic” must:

  • Have been managed in accordance to the USDA Organic Standards.
  • Have had no prohibited substances, as listed in the USDA Organic Standards, applied to it for a period of three years immediately preceding harvest of the crops.
  • Have distinct, defined boundaries and buffer zones such as runoff diversion to prevent the unintended application of a prohibited substance to the crop or contact with a prohibited substance applied to adjoining land that is not under organic management.

Dairy Operations

The USDA Organic Regulations established a one-year dairy herd transition period. Milk and milk products must be from animals that have been under continuous organic management beginning no later than one year prior to production sold, labeled, or represented as organic.

  • Implement organic management practices for fields, including crop rotation requirements by familiarizing yourself with the National Organic Regulations.
  • Develop appropriate housing and pasture for dairy animals, including young stock.
  • Implement pasture and outdoor access in the winter for all animals over six months old.
  • Discontinue the use of antibiotics, hormones, synthetic medications and dry cow treatment.
  • Search out and implement the use of alternative health care practices.

Livestock Operations

The USDA Organic Regulations state that livestock products that are to be sold, labeled, or represented as organic must be under continuous organic management from the last third of gestation. Poultry or edible poultry products must be under continuous organic management beginning no later than the second day of life.

For more information on transitioning, click here.

Livestock Inputs List

Below are NOFA-NY published lists of allowed livestock inputs including healthcare, medications, feed additives & supplements, milkhouse products, and more:

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03.28.19_NOFA-NY Products List_By Manufacturer

03.28.19_NOFA-NY Products List_By Product Name

03.28.19_Added and Removed Products List