As a farmer, you may have noticed a new labeling term popping up on store shelves in the meat and dairy departments: “grass fed” or “100% grass fed.” Grass fed products are produced from animals only allowed to eat grass and forages, reducing or eliminating the feeding of grains. The grass fed term is currently not regulated by the federal government except in the case of meat production. However, there are certification agencies that have developed their own certification programs and regulations to allow for third-party verification of the labeling term.

Under the NOFA-NY Certified 100% Grass Fed program, animals are not allowed to be fed grain or grain by-products at any time in their lives. Only grass and forages are allowed, with the exception of milk for calves prior to weaning. Beef animals must never have been fed grain. Dairy animals require a 90-day transition to grass fed production before their milk is considered grass fed.

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Please visit our 100% Grass Fed Certification page for a pdf of our standards manual.

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