NOFA-NY Food & Farm Guide

How To Use This Guide



NOFA-NY is pleased to provide our popular Food and Farm Directory in an online format that is now searchable and linked to Google Maps!

Who’s Included

Farms and food processors that are certified Organic or 100% Grass Fed by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC and farms and food processors who have signed the NOFA-NY Farmer’s Pledge™. We are also excited to introduce a new data layer for all the restaurants, coops and grocers who are members of NOFA-NY.

Finding Farms and Food Purveyors

Use the search and filter functions to narrow the list of farms based on a location, farm or food business type, products offered, or distribution methods used. You can select multiple options by holding the Control or Command key while selecting items.

Getting in Touch with your Local Farmers and Business Owners

Though contact information and locations are listed for many farms, please be respectful of farmers and business owners. Use available contact information to find out more about what products they offer and where they sell them. If no contact information is given, that farm or processor is not available for customer contact.

Need to update your listing? Please contact with corrections.


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