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Birds are chirping, flowers are popping, buds are swelling and farmers’ markets will soon be back in full swing. You have covered cropped, mulched, composted, and pastured animals to help grow crops, ensure animal welfare, and create a more resilient farm. You are constantly looking for ways to improve relationships with plants, animals, fellow farmers, workers, and consumers. What better way to display your environmentally responsible, ecologically sound, holistic approach to farming than the Farmer’s Pledge.


For the fifth year, the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA-NY) is making a difference for inner city and low-income people in Rochester and Buffalo living in a “food desert” through its 2016 Neighborhood Farm Share program (NFS). The program gives qualified individuals and families the opportunity to receive a financial subsidy in order to participate in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program for a share of fresh-picked seasonable fruits and vegetables grown without chemical pesticides. CSAs provide affordable, nutritious, locally grown food to neighborhoods from a trusted source: farmers.

NOFA-NY works with both its Certified Organic and its Farmer’s Pledge™ farmers as providers. Participants who qualify according to income eligibility guidelines listed on the NOFA-NY website receive up to a $100 reduction in cost for a CSA share from one of NOFA-NY’s local farms. The participant pays the remainder of the cost of the share. EBT/Food stamps are accepted and payments can be made in increments. Each farm has a slightly different price and delivery schedule.


March 2016 Action Alert!

Please call your NYS Assembly representative and State Senator or arrange to visit them in their home office during the Easter break!

Ask them to sponsorA.617B/S.485B, the bill to Label GMO food in New York! If they have already signed on as sponsors (we are up to 73 Assembly reps and 23 Senators), thank them and ask them to push leadership to bring the bill to a floor vote.

The announcements from Campbell’s Soups and General Mills that they will label their products that contain GMOs, with no price rise, gives the lie to industry clamor that labeling GMOs will raise the price of food by $500 to $1000 a year!

Click here for a sample letter you can adapt to send to your representatives.


The New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, Research Farm North will be the location of 6 trial sites (3 release sites and 3 control) – up to 10 acres per site (60 acres total) for testing of a new technology, the Genetically Engineered Diamondback Moth (GDM). This research has been granted a USDA/APHIS permit. Click here for more information about these trials. 


2016 nofa organic dairy

FARMINGTON, NY—The Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA-NY) is putting on the final touches for its fifth annual Organic Dairy & Field Crop Conference on Wednesday, March 16 at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool, New York. The conference provides opportunities for learning, networking, and information exchange, including a trade show.

Featured keynote speaker is John Kempf, founder and CEO of Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA), a leading crop nutrition consulting company. An international expert and lecturer in the field of biological and regenerative farming, John founded AEA in 2006 to help fellow farmers by providing the education, tools and strategies that will have a global effect on the food supply. As a farmer who grew up in—and remains a part of the Amish community—John has a very special understanding of plants’ functional immunity.


Farmington, NY—As of December 30, 2015, the New York State minimum wage will be $9 an hour. For employees of fast food chain restaurants minimum wage rose to $10.50 in New York City and $9.75 in the rest of the state, and the base hourly rate for restaurant servers and other tipped workers increased to $7.50. If the minimum wage had kept up with inflation, the $1.60 of 1968 would be $10.96 today.

Like minimum wage, the prices paid to farmers for their products have not kept up with inflation. 

The number of farms and the acres in farmland in NYS continue a long decline. In 2002, there were 37,255 farms; in 2012 the number had dropped to 35,537.  With the price of milk $8 lower than a year ago, more NYS dairies will go out of business.  In January, the price paid to the farmer for winter squash was about 19 cents a pound and the retail price was $1.29/lb. That is the type of unfair price structure that keeps farms from financial viability. It is time to shift more of the dollars paid for food back to farmers and farm workers. 


Farmington, NY— Good Hard Work: Ecosystems, Economics, Energy & Equity is the theme of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA-NY) 34th annual Winter Conference, Friday to Sunday, January 22-24 at the Saratoga Hilton and City Center in Saratoga Springs, NY.

More than 85 educational workshops, 11 different interest tracks, 70+ trade show vendors, and a mini children’s conference attract farmers, farmworkers, and gardeners from throughout New York State committed to local organic food and farming. The workshops have extensive information on farming fruits, vegetables, livestock, grains and field crops, as well as business, marketing, beginning farmers, gardening, homesteading, and policy and community focus.

Of particular international interest is the “Genetically Engineered Moths in New York State” workshop on Saturday from 3-4:15 pm. Scientists and researchers from GeneWatch UK will discuss the possible health, environmental, and economic effects the Genetically Engineered Diamondback Moth may have on food and farms. New York State—and specifically the Finger Lakes—is the home of the only international trials of this moth.


nancyFarmington, NY—The Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA-NY), a statewide organization leading a growing movement of farmers, consumers, gardeners, and businesses committed to promoting sustainable, local, organic food and farming, is proud to announce that Nancy Apolito, NOFA-NY’s Finance and HR Manager, has been named its Interim Executive Director...


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