2020 Winter Conference

Save the Date!

NOFA-NY's 38th Annual Organic Farming & Gardening Conference will take place January 17-19, 2020.

Have a great idea for a workshop?

NOFA-NY encourages those with knowledge, experience and passion for organic practices to propose workshop ideas for our 2020 Winter Conference!

Topics may reflect a broad range of interests, such as integrating successful, sustainable agricultural practices, identifying market strategies for products, describing urban farming and educational experiences, and discussing how our farms and farming practices impact a diverse community. A workshop may run for the standard 75 minutes, or as a 3-hour intensive, depending on topic and practicality, and should provide substantial educational content and/or exposure and practice.

Submit your idea here.

Proposals will be reviewed in late March 2019, after which the NOFA-NY Education Committee may accept, reject, or want to discuss and develop the proposal with you further.