Current Grant-funded Efforts

NOFA is creating an app!

In fall 2018, NOFA-NY received grant funding from USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service through the Farmers Market Promotion Program. This grant will help us to facilitate and strengthen connections between organic, small-scale producers and consumers with digital tools, educational programming, and outreach materials.

In 2019 and 2020, NOFA-NY will build on our current tools to create a NOFA-NY Market App that will house:  

  • Organic Price Index – To support farmers as they benchmark and set pricing for organic products.  
  • Food and Farm Guide – To promote NOFA-NY farmers across the state, including specific products and marketing channels.  
  • Farmers Market Database - A collaboration with the Farmers’ Market Federation of New York, to help consumers find their local farmers’ market.  

We will be engaging consumers at a variety of events and field days in order to increase knowledge on the positive impacts that their buying choices have on the local economy and environment.

National CSA Community of Practice

NOFA-NY joined a national, community supported agriculture community of practice, a project which was also funded by the Farmers Market Promotion Program through 2021. NOFA-NY will be working with FairShare CSA Coalition (Wisconsin), the University of Kentucky (California), researchers at the University of Kentucky (Lexington), the West Michigan Growers Group, Hudson Valley CSA Coalition, Portland Area CSA Coalition (Oregon), and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. The aim of this project is to increase and coordinate the resources and trainings available for beginning and advanced farmers with CSA programs, and for technical assistance providers who serve these farms.

For more information on either of these projects, please reach out to NOFA-NY's Outreach Coordinator, Briana Alfaro, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our Organic Farmer and Gardener Resource Guide helps certified organic farmers—as well as gardeners and homesteaders interested in organic production practices—find resources for organic and sustainable growing. These include equipment, supplies, seeds, and local organizations.

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