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Employment Offered

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Crew Manager
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The Crew Manager’s job is to organize and coordinate our crew of 4-5 people. The Crew Manager oversees the harvest and delegates the tasks for each day. The Crew Manager is there to answer questions about the tasks at hand and will set the standard of quality for the harvest and field work. A key feature of this job is to keep the crew working efficiently and facilitating smooth transitions throughout the day. The Crew Manager will, at times work, with the rest of the crew on the daily tasks including, planting, harvesting, weeding, row cover management and other general field work. The Crew Manager will also be doing greenhouse work and working closely with the other management positions and farmers, doing tractor cultivation and other mechanized field work and irrigation jobs. This position requires someone who can be focused on their own tasks while keeping the crews tasks and progress as a top priority.

The Crew Manager will help set the priorities of the work week along with support and guidance from the farmers.

We’re looking for someone with a positive attitude, good communication and leadership skills who is also able to give constructive feedback to the crew.

The ideal candidate:

- is self-motivated, independent and well-organized, able to balance many tasks and keep on schedule;
- is able to keep records for organic certificate and GAPS certificate purposes;
- has worked for 2 full seasons on vegetable farms;
- has strong communication skills while managing a crew, working with them positively and effectively;
- is comfortable correcting someone’s work style in a supportive and constructive way;
- is comfortable driving trucks, tractors and delivery box truck;
- is able to work all day even in unfavorable weather conditions;
- is to work fast and efficiently both at time sensitive tasks like harvest and repetitive jobs like hand weeding;
- is interested in a multi-year or long term employment.
- ability to speak Spanish is a plus;

This is a 6 day/week seasonal position from April-December the hours range from 50-60 hours/week with a 30-40 hour range at the beginning and end of the season. There is the possibility for some part-time winter work. Compensation is based on experience

To apply, please send a cover letter describing your background and interest in the this position along with a current resume to rowbyrowfarm@gmail.com.
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