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Employment Offered

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Farm Manager
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Katchkie Farm, a certified organic, 60-acre diversified vegetable and educational farm in Kinderhook, NY, seeks a full-time farm manager to oversee the day-to-day operations of 10-acres of rotating vegetable production and educational programming. In 2019, the new farm manager will work with the existing farm manager during a transitional season.

Katchkie Farm was established in the fall of 2006 and sits on 60 acres of property with beautiful views of the Catskill mountains, a 2-acre irrigation pond, and a 15-acre woodlot. The farm has a dual mission of providing vegetables to Great Performances, a New York City-based catering company, and being a home for the Sylvia Center, a non-profit that impacts the lives and healthful outcomes for children, youth, and their families through hands on culinary experiences.

About the farm:

Over the past 10 years, Katchkie has developed a robust workplace CSA membership managed by a NYC based staff member at the Great Performances office. Its’ 2018 membership was ~740, with 3 NYC community sites and 3 dozen individual workplaces. For the past several years, the majority of the produce has gone to the CSA, with the remaining 20% going to Great Performances. Currently, there is no livestock on the farm with the exception of 2 dozen chickens maintained by the Sylvia Center staff with assistance in fencing from the farm crew.

There is a staff of 4-6 regular farm hands who are seasonal residents of the county. We assist in their temporary housing costs. There isn’t any winter season outside crew.

Over the past 12 years, there has been consistent investment of capital, time, energy and passion into Katchkie Farm, led by Bob Walker. Projects have included: installation of 40,000 feet of field drainage pipe, construction of a barn, workshop, office, 3 greenhouses, sustainable heating program, fencing, irrigation, coolers/packing room/breakroom, bathroom and fieldhouse. There is substantial farm equipment on site.

What makes Katchkie Farm different:
The farm is privately owned and is managed by Great Performances. The connection to the Sylvia Center has served to engage the farm in the wider community in the Hudson Valley and beyond. While the farm team does concentrate on farming, its involvement with the non-profit is presumed. There are many intersections between the 2 organizations on a daily basis and a cooperative relationship is at the heart of the success of both entities.

The farm manager, while involved in the financial health and sustainability of the farm, is freed from worrying about sales on a day to day basis. The farmer does, however, work to ensure efficient operations, analyze crop plan for financial yields and participate in conversations around performance.

Most uniquely, the farm team interacts with the culinary team from Great Performances to determine how the crop plan can support the food mission of the catering company.

Qualifications and Requirements:
• 3-5 years of hands on farm experience, organic methods.
• Familiarity with range of farm machinery.
• Crop planning experience.
• Experienced with supervising staff.
• Ability to drive the tractor and farm truck – valid licenses
• Familiarity with crops and their value.
• Comfortable with interaction with the educational program (dual mission experience a plus)
• Computer skills
• Experience with P&L operation of any kind of business is helpful

Tasks currently managed by Farm Manager:
• Developing and implementing crop plan, planting and harvesting schedule
• Maintenance of machinery and infrastructure
• Oversee and plan for greenhouse propagation
• Track all farm operation data; crop plans, planting schedule, harvest log
• Soil nutrient management
• Composting plan
• Weekly harvest plan
• Support for all farm infrastructure including buildings, greenhouses, irrigation, drainage
• Supervise farm team
• Maintain farm to all code – NOFA, NYS, manage inspections
• Operate harvest, washing, packing according to GAP and FSMA specs
• Operate in accordance with organic certification methods for weed/pest/composting
• Participate in all on-farm educational and volunteer programs and events

• 45-50K per year depending on experience
• Health insurance
• On farm housing

To apply:
Please send resume and cover letter along with three professional references to
Guadalope.Morales@greatperformances.com, with the subject Katchkie Farm Manager Application
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Katchkie Farm
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