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Employment Offered

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Livestock Farming Internship
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Asgaard Farm & Dairy is a diversified family farm with a goat dairy and creamery at its core. We milk a herd of Alpine and La Mancha goats that currently numbers 60. Award-winning farmstead cheeses have been produced here since the dairy’s inception in 2008. In addition to the goats, we raise grass-fed beef cattle as well as pastured layers, broilers, ducks and pigs. We are an Animal Welfare Approved farm and follow the livestock practices promulgated by that organization. Our pastures and the hay we produce are organic, albeit not certified. We provide certified organic feeds to our animals to the extent they are available. Asgaard also owns adjoining forest lands that are managed to sustainably harvest logs for a variety of wood products.

We are looking for two farming interns to work with us during the 2019 season. The focus will be on multi-species rotational grazing, including all the livestock groups mentioned above.

You will learn how to efficiently move portable fencing to create new grazing/browsing paddocks, rotate the animals to inhabit those paddocks and then get water to all the remote locations.  This will be done several times a week, if not daily, and is the foundation for the health of our soils and the wellbeing of our livestock.  Mapping everything out is a challenging and stimulating puzzle.

In addition, you will help feed, monitor and care for all the animals, and you will fill three to four slots in the goat milking rotation.  You will assist with on-farm chicken processing, egg processing, hay production and maintenance/repair of buildings and equipment, and you may be relied upon to staff a farmers market.

Previous farm experience and familiarity with farm equipment are desirable, although not required.  You will be working mostly outdoors in variable weather conditions and must be able to lift 50 pounds with little to no difficulty.

Interns will be involved in regular staff meetings to set priorities, establish work plans and discuss/solve problems.  Visits to other farms and agricultural enterprises will be encouraged and facilitated.

Hours:  Interns will generally work 5 ½ days per week.  Days may be extra-long when making hay, processing chickens and staffing farmers markets or when special events are on the calendar.  An assignment running from April through October would be ideal.

Compensation:  Hands-on training in animal husbandry and dairy management.  Comfortable housing on the farm in a charming, pastoral setting.  There are two dwellings, each featuring 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, an eat-in-kitchen and a sitting room. The dwellings are connected by shared laundry facilities.  Surplus food raised on the farm (chicken, pork, beef, goat meat, eggs, goat milk, goat cheese, veggies).  $200 weekly stipend.

All interns should possess a strong work ethic, cooperative nature and positive "can do" attitude. Your time at Asgaard will be intense, but you will surely gain useful farming skills plus a real appreciation for healthy, delicious food that comes from sustainable, local agriculture.

We would be delighted to hear from interested candidates as soon as possible.  Please send your resume, along with a statement articulating why you are interested in this position to farmer@asgaardfarm.com.
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