Employment Offered

Employment Offered

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Position Title
Assistant Herdsman Farmer
Position Description
Liberty Farms
114 Ostrander Rd,
Ghent NY, 12075

We are looking for a well qualified Assistant Herdsman Farmer!

Liberty Farms is a picturesque 300+ acre NOFA-NY Certified Organic farm in Columbia County, New York that has been transformed from a former Thoroughbred breeding farm into a State-of-the-Art horse boarding and training facility, alongside a diversified organic farm, offering farm-to-table vegetables, eggs and grass-fed meats. The property also offers a stunning site for weddings and special events.

The vision of Liberty Farms in Ghent, NY is very simple: To preserve precious farm land through diversified farming based on sustainable and organic practices. Our aim is to create healthy soil, a sound basis for thriving plants, animals and people. The horses and all the farm animals are fed with organic hay straight from our fields in addition to top quality grain. Intensive parasite and pasture management practices are used, and all the manure is composted for future use as organic humus. The strength of the living soil is apparent in the well-being of the animals and in the beauty and flavor of the vegetables and produce.

Job Title: Assistant Herdsman Farmer
Start Date: March 1st 2020 or earlier.
Area of Responsibility: Caring for the cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, broilers, egg handling, hay production, as well as butcher runs, keeping up with records and staying in compliance with NOFA-NY Organic standards.
Compensation: We offer a competitive salary as well as vegetables from the farm, eggs, meat, and possibility for housing.
Duration: At least a 1 year commitment. Open ended.

Job Description: The herdsman will be responsible for the daily care (feed, mucking, rotational grazing, fence moving etc.) for all the animals all year round excluding the horses. A general work day is 9-10 hours starting at 7am and running 5.5 days a week with a 2 week paid vacation (*not in June thru August). In the summer months the days are generally longer, often including hay stacking which is hard, heavy, and hot work which can extend into the evening. Operating machinery will be part of the work, so having a little mechanical background is good to have. Keeping excellent notes and records are essential to the position, and for us to maintain our organic certification. Any experience regarding treating injured or sick animals is a MUST HAVE. The reward is great, with the beautiful land to work on, the friendly staff, amazing food, and the opportunity to work on a young and developing farm. You will be working in close coordination with Paul-Ivan Derreumaux, Farm/Estate Manager at Liberty Farms.
Other: Field and fence repairs and maintenance, pasture development, developing and maintaining animal housing, hay stacking/field work, egg washing/storage/inventory, deliveries, weed whacking, clearing fence lines, clearing trails, chainsaw work, tractor work, and general assistance where it's needed on the farm.
Knowledge and Skills: We require at least 2 years of prior experiences with animals and general tractor driving skills, this includes treating injured and sick animals properly, to the organic standards. Working with animals is a commitment we take very seriously, and their health and management is of the utmost importance. We take pride in the care given, as we hold high standards. The more knowledge and skills brought the better! There is always the opportunity to develop and improve systems, and we welcome innovative ideas when appropriate.
Disposition: A well rounded temperament with a quiet yet strong character are good traits when working with animals. The ability to do the chores day after day without fail, and to excel in the highest standards are expected. The ability to lift 50lbs repeatedly. No hay allergies. Dedicated hard worker that is a team player is essential and a willingness to learn and improve one's skills.

Farm Name
Liberty Farms
How to Apply
Please send in your resume and letters of recommendation to the contact below. We ask that you have 3 references with their contact information. Thank you, and we are looking forward to meeting you!

Contact Paul-Ivan Derreumaux @ 518-653-4970 or email libertyfarmsny@gmail.com
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