Employment Offered

Employment Offered

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Farm Crew Members
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For all that are still looking around for a job in the area...

MX Morningstar Farm is hiring for the 2017 season; 2 full-time field crew members and one part-time/full-time driver (hours vary during the season, between 20-40). You'll be part of a small crew of 6 (including managers and owner) covering about 40 acres of crops. If you're interested in learning more about mechanization and scaling up, working with local wholesale markets, and into weightlifting turnips, please apply through the links below.

You can find info for the driver here: http://www.mxmorningstarfarm.com/delivery-driver
And field crew info here: http://www.mxmorningstarfarm.com/farm-crew-member

Fun facts about MX Morningstar Farm:
We are certified organic, sell locally, and love bees.
We just bought a potato/sweet potato harvester, no more back pain!
We also love to grow a shit-ton of summer squash and complain about how much it sucks to pick. Come complain with us!
But best of all...
We DON'T GROW TOMATOES. OR EGGPLANT. You never have to pick those. Ever.

Feel free to email us directly at farmers@mxmorningstarfarm.com with any questions, concerns, and/or your resume and cover letter.