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Stephanie Kane
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I have Certified NOFA-NY Organic farming experience since 2013. The farm I used to work at for 5yrs was a NOFA-NY Certified Organic vegetable/flower farm, that also had animals on the property. I also now have Certified Biodynamic farming experience, as I took a One-Year Biodynamic Course at the Pfeiffer Center, Chestnut Ridge, NY. I also have extensive small farm animals experience with chickens, ducks, and rabbits that I gained while at that farm I worked at for 5yrs. I have also been doing small Homesteading practices within my own personal lifestyle, which includes my 3 chickens, 1 duck and 4 rabbits. I excel in greenhouse work regarding vegetable and flower starts. I am pretty well versed with using computer and certain computer software. I also have Conventional farming experience with flowers; I worked at a conventional flower farm this past Spring/ Summer 2019.

I am seeking Full-Time work in the farming industry. I live in the very western part of Nassau County, NY.

My interests are vegetable farming and Homesteading and all that applies to that, whether it's in the Field(s) and paperwork. With regards to vegetable farming, I have interests in both organic and biodynamic farming, and both regarding animals; how do animals play into the organic and biodynamic farming realms.

My goals are to learn more about Biodynamic farming and Homesteading. Also to learn more about bigger farm animals; goats/sheep/pigs

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