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Are you losing your hair, time, and sanity trying to put together your CSA farm newsletters during this crazy season? Help is here!

Bounty from the Box: The CSA Farm Cookbook is the reference you've been looking for, with an amazing wealth of cooking information on 90 different fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Whatever you grow, it's likely to be in this incredible 714-page book. A special electronic version of this book is available just for farmers that allows them to copy and paste crop information and over 200 delicious recipes directly into your newsletters, saving you valuable time. Dozens of farms across the country are already using this resource.

The PDF is $35.00 for unlimited use. And for a limited time, free with each cookbook PDF is a companion guide called It's in the Bag—or Not! This beautifully illustrated, full-color PDF guide shows how to select, store, trim, and clean your favorite fruits and veggies, and you're free to distribute this to your members so they don't waste so much of your hard-grown food.

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Bounty from the Box Cookbook PDF and It's in the Bag—Or Not! Storage Guide