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Ward Willard and Son's Slaughterhouse and Butcher Shop

4496 St Hwy 812 Heuvelton, New York 13654

(315) 344 6651

Currently owned and operated by Joan and John Willard, Ward Willard and Son's was established in 1959. Since that time, they have become a highly trusted, well-known slaughterhouse and butchery. Willard's is small-scale, a 'one-animal-at-a-time' style operation. They raise, butcher and sell their own beef, and custom slaughter and cows, pigs, and sheep. In the past they have custom cut deer. They will smoke meats and are fully inspected by the USDA. At this point in time, Joan and John are in their 80s and seeking retirement. Their ideal would be to pass the business off to a team of enthusiastic, hardworking butchers who would remain in the area long term and become a part of the community. If someone were to purchase Willard's now, all the USDA regulations would be grandfathered over.

The property includes a one-family house, a separate rental unit, an operating butcher shop and 20 acres of mixed pasture. The new owners would move into the house and be in charge of the rental unit, in addition to business responsibilities. The pasture has been grazed to cattle for over 20 years and is a mix of high and rocky and sloped with a seasonal wet area.

This would really need to be a team purchase by people with a lot of initiative, energy and perseverance. Three years experience with and a love of butchery is a must. Because Willard's is the only small-scale butcher shop for 60 miles around, new owners would have an already established customer base. Please call (315) 344 6651 if you are interested. Do not wait; our community is eager to welcome new butchers!
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Slaughterhouse and Butcher Shop