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IMG 5468Marketing your Business

Running a farm is running a business. NOFA-NY offers several opportunities, including workshops and field days, to focus on the “business of farming.” We offer technical assistance and educational support on social media strategies, cost of production workshops, pricing strategies, increasing production efficiency workshops and much more. Look for the new Market Farming series of workshops at the next Winter Conference.

Advanced Growers Vegetable Specific Enterprise Crop Budgets
On Farm Skills Development Guide, find the Excel version here
Farmers Pledge
Farmer & Gardener Resource Guide
Marketing Organic Grain
Price Index


Introduction to Lean on the Farm - 2018 Winter Conference workshop

Lean on the Farm, Practical Application - 2018 Winter Conference workshop

Managing the Risks and Rewards on Organic Farms - 2018 Winter Conference workshop

Baskets to Pallets - 2018 Winter Conference workshop

Social Media Best Practices for Farmers and Producers

Adding Value with Organic Herbs - 2018 Winter Conference workshop