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If you're a CSA farmer, you might be interested in my book for both your members and also as a timesaving resource for yourself.

My 712-page book is an encyclopedic guide to 90 different fruits, vegetables, and herbs offered by CSA farms throughout the country, offering reliable storage, preparation, and cooking advice for each crop, as well as about 360 recipes for every style of cooking and eater. You can find out more and download sample chapters on my website: www.bountyfromthebox.com. The print book is $35.00, and discounts are available for CSA farm members.

I also offer an electronic PDF version of the book that may especially interest you; this format allows you to copy and paste text directly into your CSA newsletters, blogs, and other communications materials for your members. This covers all of the crop info text and nearly two-thirds of the recipes.

The PDF is a big timesaver during the hectic farming season, and it's available for unlimited use for a one-time fee of $35.00. You can read more about this option and request further information here: https://bountyfromthebox.com/for-farmers-only/

“It is an amazing resource. Also, our members won’t ask me a zillion questions when my brain is hot and fried. I deal with most of the members directly and also grow everything with my husband. They tend to turn to me for suggestions. Your book is fantastic. I always have trouble finding the information I need to tell them and I have always wanted to get together a member guide with information. You have already done that. I don’t have the time with everything else. I am so glad you have this resource for members to purchase for themselves and it is directed toward the CSA member and also has informative information about local food movement in general and how to get the most out of their experience eating healthy and supporting local farmers for a better world. Thank You!!!”

—Joely Zerby, Farmer, Ever Green Farm CSA, Rock Stream, NY
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Bounty from the Box: The CSA Farm Cookbook