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Discontinued Vegetable & Garlic Production
selling equipment

Honeyhill Farm 585.346.3829 - fforsburg@rochester.rr.com

Tuffbilt - Best cultivating tractor - period!
Built like the Allis-G but better as it accepts modern tools on a standard hitch!
Hydrostatic transmission, Cat. 0 - 3 pt. hitch - mid-mount & rear both with independent hydraulic lifting arms. 18 HP air cooled - American made Kohler engine! Includes factory installed 60” wide wheel option (a $1000 extra). New would cost >$14k delivered with no options or accessories. This has seen light usage i.e. shallow tillage on small vegetables. Comes with 3 custom built duel-tool bars with Danish S-tines, hillers, and etc. other tools for many type of operations. The options alone would cost $3000. Always barn stored! A must see at only $9500 and priced to sell.

Single row from Holland Equipment in Michigan and the standard of the industry! Very lightly used!! Comes with a water tank and attaches to tractor via draw bar. We purchased it and by the time we got around to using it changed our methods. This is the standard mechanical “finger” transplanter in the industry and all parts are readily available. Perfect even for small operations and can even be pulled by a garden tractor. $400.

Under Cutter
Used to undercut root crops such as Garlic, Carrots, Turnips, Beets, Onions, Shallots, Leeks - so they may be effortless hand pulled. The blade @ 5' wide, 1” thick & weighing 130 pounds will cut an entire bed or multiple rows and nothing can hurt it! The blade angle is adjustable for varying soil conditions. It includes a solid stress proof toolbar and a rear parking stand. This is an Extra Heavy Duty tool with no moving parts, thus it should last forever. Garlic, with a strong root system, is impossible to pull without first forking it loose thus is very time consuming to harvest a large crop. This under cutter allows one to walk the rows and without resistance, pick up the whole plant without bending. It was a life saver in our 2 acre garlic operation! $800 - If new $1500!

Jang Precision Seeder
New condition - very clean, many rollers, etc. options.
Contact me for specifics

Allis Chalmers - Model CA - Narrow front
This was the big brother of the Allis G in it’s day.
2 full cultivator gangs - Front & Rear (very rare), one gang includes shields.
Comes with single bottom plow also.
I used this for cultivating garlic only but could be used on corn, etc.
Note: Anyone unfamiliar with narrow front and possibly intimidated by it, will soon come to love it as it will turn on a dime and give you a nickel change!

Note to the many nice folks we met in the last 16 years -
We did not go out of business, instead we transitioned to a 100% grassfed & finished beef operation on intensely managed pastures.
It was something planned all along - but it sure came quick!
It has been our privilege to be associated with NOFA and this movement; truly the best years of our lives.

Fred & Sue Forsburg
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Vegetable & Garlic Production Equipment - Transplanter, Tuffbilt, Under Cutter, Jang Precision Seeder, Allis Chalmers