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NOFA-NY has been rooted in the Soil Community for nearly 50 years. Originally known as the “Natural Organic Farmers Association” in the early 1970’s, the NOFA community has always celebrated our relationship with Soil, creating a farming oath to live within the culture of Agriculture.

NOFA-NY provides a foundation for farmers and the greater community, to build education and practical experiences into a vibrant and diversified community for all. With our shared experiences and knowledge base; NOFA-NY Inc., and NOFA-NY LLC., staff offer access to both the traditional and future organic solutions, for a healthier planet. Our website is a window into what we offer and resources to the organic and sustainable community.

Our Organic Certification Program is second to no one, and remains the largest accredited organic certification program in NYS. Our education team provides decades of combined experiences in all aspects of agriculture and policy issues. Didn’t find what you need? Call our technical assistance helpline and we will do our best to answer your questions.

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Soil Carbon Restoration: Can Biology Do the Job?
What Can You Do to Restore Soil Carbon?

Handouts from past Conferences

Soil Health Initiatives in New York - Henderson and Lehner                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Climate Smart Farming - Lambert
USDA Northeast Climate Hub - Lambert
Safety on the Farm – Henderson
Tools & Equipment For The Small Farm – Pressman
10 Best Practices For Healthy Gardening - Shayler


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