Dairy, Livestock, and Grazing


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NOFA-NY’s Dairy, Livestock, and Grazing resources include information focusing on a wide range of animal production. Browse these resources and links to technical assistance, online videos, factsheets and more.

Dairy Grazing Project

NOFA-NY’s Organic Dairy Grazing Project works directly with dairy farmers who are interested in the environmental and financial opportunities associated with better grazing practices. Farmers who need guidance in evaluating their farm’s potential forage production, technical assistance in grazing practices to optimize that production, and would like to work within a peer group of fellow organic dairy farmers are encouraged to apply. Farmers who participate will gain a working knowledge of the organic industry, know how to manage their dairy cattle on forage to optimize production and lower feed costs to help their bottom line.

Apply for the 2018 Dairy Grazing Project here. Questions may be directed to Morgan Hartman, NOFA-NY Dairy and Livestock Coordinator, at (315) 988-4000 ext. 505 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Organic Dairy Management

NOFA-NY provides great resources to farmers interested in Organic Dairy Management. Here, you can learn more about Organic Certification requirements, view the Organic Dairy Transitions Handbook, and download great videos and factsheets on Organic Dairy Management.

Transitioning to Organic Dairy Production
Transitioning to Organic Dairy Sheep and Goat Production
Organic Dairy Handbook

Livestock and Grazing Resources

100% Grassfed Certification Standards Manual
Organic Poultry Production: Meat
Organic Poultry Production: Eggs
Transitioning to Organic Beef Production


Newly Transitioned Organic Dairy Grazing, Part I, July 2018 Field Day at High Meadows Farm 

Newly Transitioned Organic Dairy Grazing, Part II, July 2018 Field Day at High Meadows Farm

Newly Transitioned Organic Dairy Grazing, Part III, July 2018 Field Day at High Meadows Farm

Transitioning to Organic Grassfed Mangement, 2018 Winter Conference workshop


Multispecies Livestock Management, 2018 Winter Conference workshop

Keynote Address from John Bobbe, 2018 Organic Dairy & Field Crop Conference 


Transitioning to Organic Dairy Management, 2018 Winter Conference