New York Organic Action Plan Goals

After four decades of spreading organic food, farming and gardening, NOFA-NY continues to pursue the vision of healthy communities, where everyone has access to fresh, locally grown food and the resources to produce. That goal has led to the creation of the New York Organic Action Plan (NYOAP), using the National Organic Action Plan as a model. 

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Overall Goal of the New York Organic Action Plan

Create an ecological New York State where healthy food and access to land are considered human rights.

Individual Goals


  • Organic food becomes the conventional food for New Yorkers – organic food for all, available in every neighborhood throughout the state.
  • 100% NY hospitals and schools serve NY grown organic food by 2030.


  • 20% more NYS acres transition to organic by 2025, 50% by 2050.
  • More NY acclimated, regionally grown organic seeds and breeds.
  • Wastes are separated, so all localities can produce compost that is clean enough for growing food and everyone has access to education about making compost.


  • Eaters receive wellness credits from insurance companies and wellness programs for eating organically grown food.
  • More people cook and lead healthier lifestyles.


  • Education on all levels about organic farming, composting, the value of eating organic and the connections among human health, food and the environment.
  • Public understands the cost of food, the need to pay farmers enough to grow high quality organic food using environmentally sound methods and to pay farmers and employees living wages with full benefits and retirement.


  • Community feeling and common ground shared by all farmers.


  • The precautionary principle governs decisions on all levels in the food and agriculture system.
  • True cost accounting in the food system.